Answering the Call: Awaken Your Gifts and Divine Life Mission

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Awaken, Heal and Transform. Listen to Your Intuition.

About Us

Healing and Transformational Life/Career Coaching

Whether you’re seeking a new career direction, more work/life balance, or relief from stress and anxiety, I can help. I coach and counsel women professionals who may be successful in their career, but feel empty, have no purpose, and lack meaning in their lives. I teach them how to connect with their passion so they can create a meaningful career and life and in the process I help them make more money.

Our Map to Success

I'll help you determine with greater clarity what you now want to create, who you want to become in this new journey and how to align yourself on every level with that vision.

About Us

My name is Susana Vilmer and I'm living proof that it's possible to awaken, heal and transform with the help of the Universal Principles and non-physical part of us that we can only find inside us. I consider myself very successful because have learned how to harness the power and energy of the Universe and I co-create with the Divine. It is the kind of success that is created from the inside out, as a result of being aligned with my highest vision.

We don't grow up knowing this information and my intention is that many women around the world are able to receive these blessings as I have. That's why I created this space for you.

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